Getting Around Mui Ne

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Getting Around Mui Ne

Getting around Mui Ne is easy. Alot of what you need - beach, bars, restaurants and shops - are in walking distance, but if you're not keen on doing the legwork, after a hard day on the water, there are plenty of other options:

Fairy Stream Mui Ne
Taxi - Meter taxis are plentiful in Mui Ne, and the flag drop (minimum charge) is 10,000VND (50 cents USD), There are 3 Taxi services in Phan Thiet Muine, 2 services charge  you 19,000VND/kilometre.  The 3rd taxi service charge you only 13.000VND/kilometre. We highly recommend guest choosing the cheap taxi service with the price 13,000VND a kilometre. - call hotline : 099.313.7790 to order at any time.

Xe Om - Motorbike taxis are everywhere in Vietnam, and Mui Ne is no exception. When you can't find a regular taxi, at 4am on a Sunday morning outside Pogo bar, for example, then a Xe Om (literal translation: "Bike Hug") is a great option. Bargain hard, BEFORE you get on the back - in the daytime you should be able to go a couple of kilometres for no more than 20,000VND (1usd), at night they tend to charge a bit more.

Motorbike Hire - If you want complete independence of movement, its no problem to hire a motorbike, by the day or for longer periods with the price 10usd/day . We can help you find a reputable hirer with decent quality bikes, just to call Jacky at 099.313.7790 and your motorbike will be ready at your hotel with-in 15 minutes. Nearly all bikes in Vietnam are below 150cc, with semi or fully automatic gearboxes and very easy to ride, so you can concentrate on the traffic. The driving style in Vietnam is chaotic, and nothing like you're used to, so a great deal of caution is advised. 

Jeepfor trips to the sand dunes, or an escorted downwinder it is possible to rent a jeep with driver for part or all of the day. We can arrange this, so get in touch if you need it.  just to call Jacky at 099.313.7790

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Sài Gòn - Mũi Né  1.300.000
Sài Gòn - Đà Lạt 2.500.000
Sài Gòn - Vũng Tàu 850.000
Sài Gòn - Nha Trang 2.700.000
Sài Gòn - Phú Yên 4.700.000
Sài Gòn - Hà Nội 15.000.000
Phan Thiết - Bảo Lộc 1.300.000
Phan Thiết - Phan Rang  1.300.000
Phan Thiết - Nha Trang 1.300.000
Phan Thiết - Đà Lạt 1.400.000
Phan Thiết - Vũng Tàu  1.400.000
Phan Thiết - Bình Dương 1.400.000

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