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Grilled lizards

Grilled lizards
Dong are lizards with a similar shape but larger size than tac ke bong (geckos). They are very tasty grilled. A plate of grilled Dong is a popular dish in many restaurants in Binh Thuan.
Grilled Dong has a distinctive flavor. To make the lizards juicy, people have to boil giong and soak them with banana leaves before washing carefully. Then they are spiced and mixed with lemongrass to grill. Dong can be cooked in variety of ways including fried giong served with grilled banh trang (dried pancake) or goi Dong (Dong with vegetables) or lau giong (hot pot).

Dong is thought to have medicinal qualities as the lizards eat herbal leaves and grasses. In traditional medicine they are used to cure aching bones. People go hunting for giong on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month when the early rains wet the dry sand hills and giong start to hatch.

Mai Fish Salad

Mai Fish Salad
There is a dish best "Phan Thiet" and is extremely attractive fish salad ( Cá Mai) is sure not everyone was enjoying. Raw fish may be made with a variety of fish such as herring, carving, cleaning fish, spring fish ... but not as good as any kind of fish is not fishy Cá Mai  for fresh meat. As the name implies, fish mai delicate slender, about equal to the index finger, covered with a layer of sparkling silver-white scales.
Very fresh fish flakes had bought, cut off the tail and abdomen breast, spinal withdrawal re-done as the vinegar and squeeze it dry. People like to eat less fat, then add chopped bacon is that there was a raw fish dish you wanted.

But if only that they may not be good. By also an "additive" is important sauces. Phan Thiet fish sauce ( nước mắm) is the land should be used in salad fish sauce apricot and more sophisticated techniques. Garlic, chilli, seeded nine stab me with fine sugar. Pounding roasted peanuts, powdered gold, porcelain few ripe bananas, all the air with pure fish sauce into a viscous sauce sweet, sour, sweet, salty flavor and sea.

Cá Mai salad need some fresh vegestables: lettuce, basil back, beating the fish, corn, cilantro girls with banana ( the one still can not eat like normal way when we eat banana), star fruit, thinly sliced cucumber.

By this time the new thin rice paper to take effect: we packed fish, vegetables neatly into the roll, put sauce that enjoy the sweet taste of fresh fish, the fat of peanut, taste the sauce along with strong fresh taste of green vegetables. Females usually have more in the last months. This opportunity to Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, a beach, where tourists can taste the fish apricot salad of local tradition.

Experience Food Street in Phan Thiet

Tuyen Quang Street’s reputation as an avenue to satisfy culinary desires has recently caused it to be dubbed Pho Am Thuc (Food Street) which is located between Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard and Thu Khoa Huan Street in Phan Thiet City. While crowded every evening, the street is especially bustling with customers on the weekends. Local residents and tourists come to enjoy the specialties of the town, also famous for its beautiful beaches and scenery.
One of the dishes that bring prestige to Tuyen Quang Street is banh xeo, or rice pancake folded in half and filled with shrimp, fat pork and bean sprouts. Along the street, customers will find a dozen banh xeo restaurants with simple names such as Cay Xoai (mango tree) or Cay me (tamarind tree).

One of the best-known banh xeo restaurants is Cay Phuong (flamboyant tree). It was the first restaurant of its type to appear on this street and has existed for some decades now. The restaurant owner says preparing banh xeo looks simple, but making a good pancake is really an art.

Making the perfect banh xeo requires, above all, high-quality rice. The rice is soaked in water overnight and then ground into fine flour. To make the banh xeo batter, the cook usually adds little salt and thinly sliced scallions to the flour, though each family has its own secret recipe.

Banh xeo is traditionally prepared on a small, flat pan with a long handle placed on an open fire. When the pan becomes hot, shrimp, fat pork and bean sprouts are added. A thin layer of batter is then poured into the pan and covered. After just a few minutes, it is ready to be folded in half and enjoyed.

Nowadays, many people have replaced the pan with a set of four or more miniature pans to make many small banh xeo at once, good for impatient customers.

Banh xeo is served with rau song, a plate of different types of fresh vegetables including lettuce, mint, perilla and thinly sliced banana flower, and nuoc cham, a dip made from fish sauce, sugar, chili, garlic and lemon.

After enjoying banh xeo, you can try many other Phan Thiet food specialties along Food Street. Among the choices are banh can (rice cake baked on a clay stove and served with nuoc cham). Unlike many other regions, banh can in Phan Thiet is also eaten with boiled duck eggs or braised fish and sliced carambola or mango.

Some dishes that get the thumbs-up from both local and foreign tourists are bun ca (fish and vermicelli noodles), usually prepared with ca loc (mullet), and bun rieu gio heo (crab noodle soup with pig leg).

But that’s not all. On other downtown Phan Thiet streets, such as Ngu Ong, Bo Ke or Hai Thuong Lan Ong, visitors can taste such regional specialties as goi ca (fish salad), goi oc (shellfish salad), muc mot nang (fresh squid dried in the sun for one day), banh re (deep fried pancake), banh quai vat (fan-shaped flour cake) and thit heo cuon banh trang (boiled pork and fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper). If visitors’ sense of adventure is still craving something different, try dong nuong muoi ot, a type of lizard broiled and served with chilly salt.

Sensing flavors of Phan Thiet Seafood

Sensing flavors of Phan Thiet Seafood
Phan Thiet City is famous for its stunning beaches, white sand dunes and many tourist attractions. It has also gained a reputation for its cuisine, especially seafood specialties, and for its trademark fish sauce.
Vietnam is internationally acknowledged for its diverse seafood, with squid being one of the most popular items on many menus. Phan Thiet City has built its image on a particular squid dish known as sun-dried squid, which has attracted many chefs and revelers to the city.

Muc mot nang is fresh squid that has been dried in the sun for one day. The squid, grilled with chilies and lemon and served in fish sauce, is available anywhere in the city but one of the best places to try this tasty specialty is Cay Bang Restaurant.

Another local favorite is steamed bo hom fish, nicknamed “Thiet giap bien” (sea armour) because of its square shape and the patterns on its body. It is sweet, juicy and nutritious, especially when combined with the flavors of aromatic herbs, salty fish sauce and sweet Phu Long griddle cake. Revelers can enjoy bo hom at many of the eateries on Pham Van Dong Street along Ca Ty River.

While steamed bo hom fish is typically a low-priced dish, steamed mu fish, mixed with fravegetables and fish sauce prepared with lemon, sugar, garlic and chilies, is more expensive and provides high nutrition. Toan Duong Restaurant near Doi Duong beach and Sao Bien Restaurant are two of the more popular venues for this dish.

Sweet snail – Precious gift from the sea

Sweet snail is considered one of the most delicious seafoods. As its name suggests, oc huong, or sweet snail, is unique becaof its natural and enchanting fragrance. Sweet snail is a precious, exotic seafood becait is difficult to find and buy. So everyone should try to enjoy it once in his or her life.
Sweet snail catches the eye with its light yellow shell garnished with brown spots. Unlike other kinds of snails, which are named after their shapes, the sweet snail’s name comes from its scent. You will feel relaxed while enjoying sweet snail. The sweet snail’s strange and aromatic smell encourages appetite. 

Sweet snail can be made into different mouth-watering dishes, like steamed sweet snail with onion and ginger, baked sweet snail, grilled sweet snail, and roasted sweet snail with garlic. No matter how sweet snail is prepared, it always has a delicious flavour. 

It is easy to prepare these dishes. After the sweet snail is cleaned, the chef mixes the meat with some ingredients, like fresh mushroom, ice cream, and cheese, and then puts the mixture into the oven. In a few minutes the sweet snail releases a scent and is ready to serve guests.

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