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Mui Ne Lifestyle
Mui Ne is safe enough to walk around in night time. Most of the “tourist life” goes on around the road next to the beach which begins from “Sea Links” and ends in Mui Ne fishing village. In this area there are restaurants, beach bars, massage parlors, spas, travel offices, guesthouses, etc everywhere you go. Cable TV is available in every accommodation establishment, channels are mostly in English, but also in German, French and Russian. Wi-Fi is available in most places and there are internet cafes, in case you do not bring your own computer. If laundry service in not available in your guesthouse or room for rent, the place next door will be happy to help you out. Staff speaks usually English, sometimes French, also more and more Vietnamese have started to learn Russian. Menus in restaurants and cafes are usually in English and Russian.
Preferred currencies are US dollar and Euro. You can withdraw cash from ATMs, which are plentiful around Mui Ne. ATMs give 1.500.000 – 2.000.000 VND in one transaction. You can pay everywhere in VND or USD.
Mui Ne weather is best from December till February when there’s constant cool ocean breeze and air is dry. From March till June it’s hot and dry. April is the hottest spring month with mid-day temperatures averaging up to 35C (95F). From June till November is rainy season with splashes of rain after the sun has set. Daytime rains are also common. Sea is warm all year round. Morning time is the best time for swimming as wind rises before noon time and creates waves. Pools are available in bigger resorts and daily pool tickets starts from 80.000 VND.
Cheapest mode of transportation is local bus which can take you directly to Phan Thiet City (10.000 VND). Xe om (motorbike taxis) are available everywhere, but prices have to be negotiated. Taxis are available but make sure to use the ones with taximeter, from Sea Links to Mui Ne fishing village maximum fare should be 200.000 VND. If there’s more of you than one, taxis are a cheap way to get around.  If you stay in Mui Ne for more than a week, best mode of transportation is still a motorbike. In order to drive a motorbike you have to always wear a helmet and Vietnamese drivers license is mandatory. If you rent a motorbike from a random person on a street it can be temporarily seized if you are pulled over by the police – main reason for tourists is lack of drivers license. Foreign drivers license is not valid in Vietnam. Traffic rules and practices are uncommon for most foreigners. Most important rule is not to hit other vehicles and to forget all other traffic rules. Drive slowly in the middle of your lane, as left side and also a portion of the right side of the road is for upcoming traffic.
Quality medical aid, emergency rooms and hospitals are available everywhere on Mui Ne beach. Bigger hotels have their own doctors on call. If you have insurance and you are in a need of medical aid, make sure to contact your insurance company to find proper medical facilities covered by the insurance policy
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